Music & Dance Room

The School realizes the aesthetic sensibilities amongst students and therefore to cater it, the school has a ‘Music & Dance Room’ so that the students can pursue their hobbies in myriad fields such as music and dance.

Art of Craft Room

The visual arts fulfill the essential need in children to explore and organize their world. The art of drawing, painting and shaping objects teaches them important new ways of thinking of creating and communicating with images as well as with words.


“Library” is a heart and soul of any educational institution. The library at GNIA subscribes to a large number of Newspapers, Journals, Magazines and periodicals, thus keeping the students in touch with the happening in India and in the outside world.


Seeing the need to possess effective communication skills in today’s era, GNIA is introducing Mexus’s Language Lab. Through language lab focus will be to improve the listening and speaking skills of students. Well equipped language lab will improve the interactive skills of students to face the world. Special focus will be on Spoken English.


Updated Science labs will provide all the equipments that would be in use to conduct experiments for Physics, Chemistry and Biology streams. Special encourage- ment of children to discover and explore through experimental activities.


Use of computer is indispensable in today’s technological environment so school has updated computer lab to keep pace with the modern technological environment.